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A contract warehouse is a third-party logistics (3PL) storage facility that stores goods on behalf of a client. 客户和仓库签订合同,合同的期限从几个月到几年不等. 该协议可能有一个固定的费用结构或运行的成本加模式. 合同仓库还可以执行许多其他服务, 如处理, 包装, 标签, 实践和类似活动. Let’s talk more about this potential solution for your long-term storage 需要 and how to find warehouse contracts that will work in your favor.



许多公司出于各种原因需要储存他们的货物或供应品, 而合同仓储是他们可以选择的众多仓储方式之一. 那些不想发展的公司, buy or rent their own warehouse space can contract out to a company specializing in warehousing. 这家公司负责仓库, 代表客户运输和接收商品. They can also add value by taking on more logistical tasks such as inventory management and making sure to follow 分布的最佳实践.


One of the main differences between contract warehousing and other popular options like shared warehouse space or private warehousing is that a contract warehouse is dedicated to a sole client. 仓库的所有资源和整个设施都用于一家公司的货物. The tenant commits to occupying that fixed space and relies on the contract warehouse to manage it. 因为这个因素, 合同仓库通常要求客户承诺一个特定的合同长度, 通常是几个月或几年.

合同仓库模型还有两个其他的变体. The first is when the contract warehouse company owns the physical facility and allows the tenant company to operate it with their own employees and equipment. 在另一种情况下, the client owns or leases the warehouse facility and hires a contract warehouse to staff it and handle all operations. 合同仓库也可以为几个合同客户分配一个更大的设施. 在这样的安排, the contract will dedicate a certain amount of square footage and resources to each client.



合同仓库和. 公共或私人仓储

When your business 需要 more storage capacity, you have three options to expand your warehousing. 它们包括:

  • 私人仓库: 当批发商或制造商使用私人仓库时, it owns or leases the warehouse building and is 100% responsible for managing inventory and warehouse operations. This approach is highly involved and requires a hefty investment compared to other warehousing options. Typically, it takes 30 years to see a return on investment when a company builds a private warehouse.
  • 公共仓库: 在公共仓库或共享仓库空间下, 客户端不为特定数量的空间或资源签订合同. 相反,他们与其他客户共享仓库. They pay a monthly bill based on the number of pallets that come in and out so they can occupy more or less warehouse space depending on their inventory 需要. 而客户只支付他们使用的空间, 仓库按先到者操作, 标间. A public warehouse may not always have the space you need if your inventory fluctuates often. Usually, these warehouses work best for short-term storage 需要, such as seasonal inventory.
  • 合同仓库: 合同仓库, 也被称为专用仓储, 当一个公司将仓库运营外包给更大的工厂或第三方物流. 因为合同仓库在长期的基础上提供了一定的空间, 对于拥有稳定库存的公司来说,这是最好的选择. 合同通常是去年的,所以很适合 中长期储存 需要.



对于许多客户, contract warehousing is the perfect balance between the total freedom and control of owning a private warehouse and the low cost and low involvement of using a shared warehouse. 合同仓库协议的一些优势包括:


想想在纽约,它的平均成本是 每平方英尺117美元 2020年建设一个新的仓库或物流中心. 新建的仓库平均是 不到18.5万平方英尺所以建造一个新仓库通常需要数百万美元的投资. 而北卡罗莱纳州的房地产成本要低一些, 对大多数企业来说,仓库投资成本太高,难以证明其合理性. Setting up an existing building for warehousing also requires investments in warehousing equipment like forklifts.

当你选择缩小你的仓库空间, 仓库的空间是现成的,而不需要高昂的建设成本, 装修或设备. When you hire a warehouse, you can use it for a shorter time frame to meet your current 需要. 当你的合同到期时, you can choose to contract for more space if needed without another significant upfront investment.


合同仓库公司是这方面的专家. 经常, 他们可以为你的存储制定策略, 物流和履行效率更高, 从而节省成本. 例如,在全球十大赌博靠谱的平台,我们可以执行 运输及物流服务 除了增值仓储服务. 把所有的行动都集中在一个屋檐下, 一个专业的物流团队可以严密管理一切, 你会节省金钱和时间.

与此同时, 租赁或拥有仓库时, 房产通常伴随着许多费用和开支. 公用事业公司, building maintenance and property taxes can all add unpredictable costs to your monthly bills. 当你选择一个合同仓库, 你所要承担的所有费用将在你的书面仓储协议中提前显示出来. You can enjoy predictable overhead and share costs like utilities and maintenance with other contracted clients.


One excellent benefit of a contract warehouse over a public warehouse is that they can provide a dedicated workforce. 而公共仓库主要关注的是保持其存储的最大容量, a contract warehouse knows it can rely on predictable storage 需要 and assign more resources to individual clients. 例如,一些公司需要 温控储存设施,需要专门工作人员进行专家监测. 当你有一个合同员工负责管理你的商品时,他们也可以 提供其他有价值的服务 如:

  • 交叉运输: Cross-docking improves supply chain efficiency by reducing the time products spend in storage. It helps you get products to your customers faster and is extremely effective for companies in the 消费品行业. 例如,在全球十大赌博靠谱的平台,我们可以 构建个性化的交叉对接解决方案 为你的货物. 我们将在我们的仓库接收货物, 马上把它们组织起来,或者把它们分成更小的货物, 然后用下一辆可用的卡车把他们送出去. 这种方式, 货物的储存时间更短, 这样可以减少处理, 存储成本和库存管理需要.
  • Pick-and-pack: Pick-and-pack是一个复杂的过程 电子商务订单执行策略 where warehouse workers will pull items for many customer orders at once and then pack them all for shipment. 这种方法可以让您准备电子商务订单,并让它们可以快速发货, 所以你可以保证更快的交货时间. An 电子商务订单处理公司 like 全球十大赌博靠谱的平台 can develop an effective pick-and-pack solution for your warehoused products.
  • 返工: 如果你的产品来自另一个国家的制造商, 把需要返工的损坏物品送回去会花费很多时间和金钱. 像全球十大赌博靠谱的平台这样的第三方合同仓库可以处理轻微的返工问题, 例如重印标签或说明书, 更换损坏或丢失的部件或重新包装物品. This improves supply chain efficiency by taking care of product quality concerns right from your stateside warehouse.
  • 托盘化: A contract warehouse can also organize incoming shipments onto pallets or break down and rearrange products on existing pallets. 根据你的需要, 全球十大赌博靠谱的平台 can store your products on pallets for long-term storage or prepare them for their next destination.
  • 先进的库存管理: E-commerce businesses and manufacturers that frequently ship goods in and out of their warehouses need to track what’s in stock and what they need to reorder. Contract warehouses can record valuable inventory data like real-time available quantities, 当前的位置, 序列号和生产日期以简化库存管理操作. 全球十大赌博靠谱的平台 adds value to inventory management with advanced support like helping you set a sustainable safety stock level for your products. 许多公司发现,他们需要更多的安全库存,以应对供应商可能出现的延误, 我们可以建议你方合理的数量.
  • 更大的可靠性: Many businesses choose to work with a contract warehouse so they can continue focusing on their core strengths. 你可以利用像全球十大赌博靠谱的平台这样的公司的专业知识, 哪个可以为您的企业开发个性化的解决方案. This partnership eliminates the growing pains of learning how to operate a warehouse internally. A contract warehouse dedicates a set amount of warehouse space and personnel to your business, 所以你可以随时依赖你需要的存储空间.





全球十大赌博靠谱的平台 is flexible, reliable and committed to finding the solutions that work best for you. 我们认识到,虽然大多数企业受益于使用3PL合同仓库, 每家公司使用这些服务的方式略有不同. As 您的专业仓储合作伙伴, we’ll act as an extension of your staff and personalize our solutions to serve your operation best. 了解更多 关于承包仓库空间 通过全球十大赌博靠谱的平台,并且 接触网络 要求报价.